Galaxy Clusters 2017

Theory, observations & future developments

The Conference

Science in a stimulating environment
03-07 July 2017
Hotel Chiqui

The conference will start on Monday July 3rd after lunch and will finsih on Friday July 7th before lunch time. There will be sessions on  simulations, observations of galaxy clusters, formation and growth of clusters (protoclusters, BCG formation, dark matter in galaxy clusters, cosmological constraints with galaxy clusters and future developments.


The program will consist of approximately 15 invited talks and 35 regular talks. There will be the possibility of presenting posters and the program will be completed with one or two round tables. A preliminary version of the program will be available in the spring of 2017, which will be updated regularly.

Registration is now open

  • Deadline for early regisitration is May 15th 2017.

  • Deadline for late registration  is June 15th 2017.

  • Deadline for abstract submission (talk) is April 21st 2017.

  • Deadine for poster submission is May 5th 2017.

Early registration is highly reccomended as the conference room has limited space. A reduced registration fee is available until May 15th.

The meeting will discuss the latest results on galaxy  clusters including theory, N-body simulations, and observations  (radio, mm, IR, optical, X-rays, Gamma-rays). Special attention will be devoted to results obtained from the latest observations (plasma physics from radio, X-ray and SZ, galaxy evolution in clusters, gravitational lensing and dark matter) and cosmological constraints derived from galaxy clusters.

The meeting will take place in the Hotel Chiqui, conveniently located  by the famous Sardinero beach. Ocean View rooms are available at a negotiated price of 67 EUR (tax and breakfast included in the price). Lunch is also served at the Hotel and is included in the conference fee (the conference fee is 280 EUR before May 15th and 330 after May 15th). Santander, is a well known summer resort city in the northern coast of Spain. It can be reached directly by plane (with international and national flights), or alternatively by bus (from nearby Bilbao airport or Madrid airport) or train (from Madrid airport).

Scientific Organizing Committee

Neta Bahcall, Bradford Benson, Stefano Borgani, Thomas Broadhurst, Megan Donahue, Gabriella de Lucia, Jose M. Diego, Nick Kaiser,  Marceau Limousin,  Joseph Silk, Rashid Sunyaev, Tommaso Treu, Alexey Vikhlinin, Simon White, Gustavo Yepes

Local Organizing Committee

Tom Broadhurst, Jose M. Diego, Diego Herranz, Jesus Vega, Gustavo Yepes

Santander, Spain
03-07 July 2017

Conference Poster


Practical Info

How to arrive to Santander


The Santander Airport (SDR) has flights to destinations within Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Tenerife) and outside of Spain (Brussels, Dublin, Edinburgh, Frankfurt Hahn, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London Stansted, Milan (Bergamo), Rome). The airline companies which fly to Santander are: Ryanair, Air Nostrum, Air Europa, Vueling, Volotea and Iberia.

To get from the airport to downtown Santander, there are three transportation options:

  • Taxi (20-25 euros)

  • Bus (1.5 euros)
    The bus stop is located in front of the arrival terminal. Buses depart from the airport at staring at 6:40 AM, and then they run every half an hour between 7:00 AM and 11 PM. This bus goes directly to the central bus station in downtown Santander (see map).

  • Car Rental



The The Bilbao Airport (BIO) is an hour and a half east of Santander. The Airport has many daily connections to international destinations. There are three ways to get to Santander:

  • Taxi (~ 120 euro)

  • Bus to Termibus (the downtown bus station, 1.50 euros) - From Termibus, take Alsa (the national bus service) to the Santander Bus Station (7-10 euros). Buses from downtown Bilbao to downtown Santander run approximately every hour in peak hours..

  • Car Rental




Santander can also be reached by train (RENFE) from Madrid. As well as, using the Irun-Hendaya and Bilbao (EUSKO TREN).



Alsa (the national bus service) offers bus service throughout Spain, including to the French border (Irun-Hendaye. Bus is a better/faster option than train from the French border). A regular bus (from Alsa) links directly Madrid airport with downtown Santander (the trip takes 5-6 hours though).



Twice a week Brittany Ferries sails to/from Plymouth, UK and Santander (Estacion Maritima de Ferries). The trip takes 24 hours.





In Santander, the local bus service is provided by Servicio Municipal de Transportes Urbanos de Santander.

  • The bus costs 1.10 euros.

  • TUS cards can be purchased at tobacco shops and some newstands for ~6 euros (10 trips).

  • Depending on the bus line, buses can run with varying frequencies (five to twenty minutes).



The city of Santander provides bicycle rental throughout the city. The pick-up and drop-off locations.

Invited Speakers
N-body simulations
Gravitational Lensing
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The conference wil start on monday July 3 at 3 PM and will end on Friday July 7 at 1 PM.

The program will be divided in seven sessions.

  •  Simulations and recent observations of galaxy clusters I (Plasma, XR, SZ,...)

  •  Recent observations of galaxy clusters II (galaxies, BCG's,surveys,...)

  •  Formation and growth of clusters (protoclusters, BCG formation,...)

  •  Dark matter in galaxy clusters I (observations,...)

  •  Dark matter in galaxy clusters I (models, alternatives,...)

  •  Cosmological constraints with galaxy clusters

  •   Future developments

Invited speakers including (and sessions)
  • Louis Abramson, Recent Observations of Galaxy Clusters I
  • Robert Braun, Future developments I
  • Yanchuan Cai, Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters I
  • John Carlstrom, Future Developments II
  • Louise Edwards, Recent Observations of Galaxy Clusters II
  • Gus Evrard, Cosmology with Galaxy Clusters II
  • Henk Hoekstra, Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters - Observations I
  • Lam Hui, Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters - Models I
  • Jeremy Lim, Formation and growth of Clusters and its galaxies I
  • Roderik Overzier, Formation and growth of Clusters and its galaxies II
  • Elena Rasia, Simulations of Galaxy Clusters I
  • Keren Sharon, Dark Matter in Galaxy Clusters - Observations II
  • Rashid Sunyaev, Future Developments III
  • Gustavo Yepes, Simulations of Galaxy Clusters II
Full Scientific Program  (click to download pdf)




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Venue & Booking Info


Registration is divided in two Steps. Both Steps need to be completed in order to be fully registered.


In Step 1) below you can submit your contact info, ask for an talk or poster (include a title and abstact) and indicate wether you are vegetarian or not. Earlier request for a talk/poster will be prioritized.


In Step 2) you can request accomodation at the negotiated rate and pay for your conference fee and conference dinner. Send the pdf file to Corte Ingles. Fax and e-mail can be found in the pdf form of Step 2. 

Step 1). Fill the Registration Form below.


Please be aware that we have received many more abstracts that what can be accomodated in the program so we are not accepting more requests for talks or posters.

Step 2). Fill this form and send it back.

Please use the e-mail or fax at the end of the PDF file. Use this form to pay the conference fee and your hotel booking.

PLEASE NOTE. AS OF MAY14th THERE ARE NO MORE ROOMS AVAILABLE AT THE HOTEL CHIQUI. The travel agent will still assit you in finding the best possible deal if you wish but you are also welcomed to book your own hotel room directly in a Hotel nearby. Hotel Santemar for instance is a large and nice hotel closeby.

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